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Nail Homogenizer


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The Nail Homogenizer is a hand-held attrition mill that easily pulverizes small nail samples for more reliable dermatological testing. When treated with 10% KOH, the micronized samples spread out rapidly and evenly beneath a cover slip, making study easier and more accurate. Pulverizing in the Nail Homogenizer is a simple task, and laboratory safety is improved since no sharp-edged tools are required. The technician places a specimen in the mill cavity, presses the two mill halves together, and rotates the halves in opposite directions several times. This process is successful with other tough, resilient materials in addition to nail clippings.
Cutting head inserts are replaceable, and the entire unit is autoclavable in preparation for the next sample

  • Construction is 100% stainless steel
  • Work surface cutting head diameter: .625"
  • Clearance between cutting heads is adjustable (set at .004")
  • Overall diameter: 2"
  • Overall height: 1.5"