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PT6100D POLYTRON® PT 6100D EA 0.1 ml –30000ml 500 - 30000 rpm $5,814.90  

POLYTRON® PT 6100D Stand Dispersion Unit (High End Line)

« Application volume 0.1 ml to 30 litres »

The PT 6100 D Homogenizer is the most versatile unit of its type on the market today.  This unit was specifically designed along with the 3100D due to many customer requests.  Their applications required exactly reproducible conditions or needed different speeds for varying times or were processing temperature sensitive products.  They also wanted to be able to control the unit from a PC.  This unit meets all of those requirements.  The bright and informative display shows all parameters. Any and all parameters can either be entered by membrane keypad or the PC interface using the KIN software.  If so desired, results can be recorded and printed out in an Excel format. More than 30 dispersion aggregates with different geometries, designs, sizes, materials and coatings are available for selection.


  • 1700 Watt motor provides sufficient power and high speed necessary for efficient particle size reduction
  • Digital motor speed control from 500 to 30,000 rpm
  • Aggregate tip speeds up to 32 m/s produce the finest particles possible
  • Soft start prevents splashing of homogenate from sample vessel
  • Integrated overheating, overload and blocking protection
  • Speed remains constant even when viscosity changes
  • Membrane keyboard permits easy finger tip entry of parameters and operation
  • Selection of three operating modes: standard, timed and auto
  • PC interface (RS232) for control via KIN software
  • Aggregate replacement using one-handed quick-release coupling
  • Insulated motor housing keeps motor noise to a safe, approved level during operation
  • Various models of dispersing aggregates which are Easy-to-Clean and  designed for many different applications

Digital display for showing different process parameters and messages

  • Target speed [TS, rpm]
  • Actual speed [AS, rpm]
  • Power input [Pin, W]
  • Power output [Pout, W]
  • Torque [M, Ncm]
  • Motor current [I, A]
  • Voltage supply [U, V]
  • Product temperature (with optional Pt100  temperature probe) [TP, °C]
  • Internal controller temperature [Tc, °C]
  • Operating hour counter [Oh, h]


Vessel holders or anti-slip mats with our stands.
Glass dispersion vessels which eliminate vortexing and improve homogenization efficiency

Accessories for this drive

11030075     PT-DA 20/2EC-B193
11030077     PT-DA 20/2MEC-B193
11030080     PT-DA 20/2WEC-B193
11030101     PT-DA 30/2EC-B250
11030102     PT-DA 30/2G-B273
11030104     PT-DA 30/2MEC-B250
11030110     PT-DA 30/2WEC-B250
11030112     PT-DA 30/2ZEC-B250
11030114     PT-DA 30/4EC-B250
11030115     PT-DA 30/4G-B273
11030144     PT-DA 36/2EC-B250
11030146     PT-DA 36/2G-B273
11030145     PT-DA 36/2MEC-B250
11030141     PT-DA 36/2WEC-B250
11030147     PT-DA 36/4EC-B250
11030148     PT-DA 36/4G-B273
12030021     PT-DA 36/BEC-B250 (BIOTRONA)
11030161     PT-DA 40/2EC-B250
11030162     PT-DA 40/2G-B273
11030...     PT-DA 40/2MEC-B250
11030168     PT-DA 40/2WEC-B250
11030197     PT-DA 45/2EC-B250
11030182     PT-DA 45/2G-B273
11030...     PT-DA 45/2MEC-B250
11030198     PT-DA 45/2WEC-B250
11030193     PT-DA 45/6EC-B250
12030031     PT-DA 45/BEC-B250 (BIOTRONA)
11030211     PT-DA 50/2EC-B250
11030212     PT-DA 50/2G-B250
11030214     PT-DA 50/2MEC-B250
11030219     PT-DA 50/2WEC-B250
11030224     PT-DA 50/4EC-B250
12030100     PT-DA 53/DI-B250 (DISSOLVER)
11030241     PT-DA 60/2EC-B250
11030242     PT-DA 60/2G-B250
11030244     PT-DA 60/2MEC-B250
11030249     PT-DA 60/2WEC-B250

11050010     GS 15, working volume max. 35 ml
(clover leaf shaped, borosilicate glass)
11050020     GS 15 K, like GS 15, with screw cap
11050030     GS 15 KL7.5, like GS 15 K, lead through 7.5mm
11050011     GS 25, working volume max. 150 ml
11050021     GS 25 K, like GS 25, with screw cap
11050031     GS 25 KL12, like GS 25 K, lead through 12mm
11050032     GS 25 KL20, like GS 25 K, lead through 20mm
11050012     GS 40, working volume max. 500 ml
11050022     GS 40 K, like GS 40, with screw cap
11050033     GS 40 KL20, like GS 40 K, lead through 20mm
11050034     GS 40 KL25, like GS 40 K, lead through 25mm
11050013     GS 50, working volume max. 1000 ml
11050023     GS 50 K, like GS 50, with screw cap
11050035     GS 50 KL20, like GS 50 K, lead through 20mm
11050036     GS 50 KL25, like GS 50 K, lead through 25mm
11050014     GS 60, working volume max. 1300 ml
11050024     GS 60 K, like GS 60, with screw cap
11050037     GS 60 KL20, like GS 60 K, lead through 20mm
11050038     GS 60 KL25, like GS 60 K, lead through 25mm
11050050     GS 100, working volume max. 3000 ml
(clover leaf shaped, stainless steel)
11050051     GS 130, working volume max. 4000 ml
11050052     GS 150, working volume max. 6000 ml
11050053     GS 190, working volume max. 1300 ml
11050060     GS 100Z, working volume max. 900 ml
(cylindrical, stainless steel)
11050061     GS 130Z, working volume max. 2000 ml
11050062     GS 155Z, working volume max. 3500 ml
11050063     GS 175Z, working volume max. 4500 ml  
11050064     GS 200Z, working volume max. 7000 ml
11050065     GS 230Z, working volume max. 9000 ml