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PT4000 POLYTRON ® PT 4000 EA 0.05 ml – 2500ml 500 - 40000 rpm $5,271.50  

POLYTRON ® PT 4000 Stand Dispersion Unit (High End Line)

« Application volumes 0.05 ml – 2.5 litres »

The PT4000 will provide much higher aggregate tip speeds due to its higher speed of up to 40,000 rpm.  This higher tip speed will provide even smaller droplet or particle sizes for already proven applications and provides a means to produce nano particles.  The motor, which is a brushless, wear-free (3-phase) high-frequency motor, has a low noise level at maximum speed making it ideal for use in a crowded lab.  A variety of aggregates of styles and diameters are available to provide optimum particle size reduction when using this drive.  There are  many different styles of aggregates available from 3mm in diameter for volumes down to 0.01 mL  to 25mm for volumes up to 2500mLs.   


  • Brushless 500 Watt, 3-phase motor with speed from 500 to 40,000 rpm controlled with a frequency converter connected to 230 volts. 
  • Motor provides sufficient power and high speed necessary for efficient particle size reduction
  • Aggregate tip speeds up to 40 m/s produce the finest particles possible
  • Soft start prevents splashing of homogenate from sample vessel
  • Thermal fuse for overload protection.
  • Speed remains constant even when solution viscosity changes
  • Aggregate replacement using one-handed quick-release coupling
  • Insulated motor housing keeps motor noise to a safe, approved level
  • Various models of dispersing aggregates which are Easy-to-Clean and  designed for many different applications


Vessel holders or anti-slip mats with our stands.
Glass dispersion vessels which eliminate vortexing and improve homogenization efficiency

Accessories for this drive

11030009     PT-DA 05/2EC-E068
11030024     PT-DA 07/2EC-E092
11030045     PT-DA 12/2EC-E123
110300..     PT-DA 12/2MEC-E123
110300..     PT-DA 12/2WEC-E123
11030073     PT-DA 20/2EC-E170
11030090     PT-DA 4025/2EC-E170
11030091     PT-DA 4025/2FEC-E170

11040027     H-feet stand PT-ST 4001
11040021     plate stand PT-ST 2103
11045010     vessel holder with boss head for PT-ST 2103
11045011     vessel holder with boss head forPT-ST 4001
11045030     safety positioning ring for PT-ST 2103
11045031     safety positioning ring for PT-ST 4001

11050010     GS 15, working volume max. 35 ml
11050020     GS 15 K, like GS 15, with screw cap
11050030     GS 15 KL7.5, like GS 15 K, lead through 7.5mm
11050011     GS 25, working volume max. 150 ml
11050021     GS 25 K, like GS 25, with screw cap
11050031     GS 25 KL12, like GS 25 K, lead through 12mm
11050032     GS 25 KL20, like GS 25 K, lead through 20mm
11050012     GS 40, working volume max. 500 ml
11050022     GS 40 K, like GS 40, with screw cap
11050033     GS 40 KL20, like GS 40 K, lead through 20mm
11050013     GS 50, working volume max. 1000 ml
11050023     GS 50 K, like GS 50, with screw cap
11050035     GS 50 KL20, like GS 50 K, lead through 20mm
11050014     GS 60, working volume max. 1300 ml
11050024     GS 60 K, like GS 60, with screw cap
11050037     GS 60 KL20, like GS 60 K, lead through 20mm