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Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
MK-AMIAR Ammonia (Rapid) Assay Kit Kit 96 assays (manual) /960 assays (microplate $221.91
MK-LARGE L-Arginine/Urea/Ammonia (Rapid) Assay Kit Kit 150 assays - 50 of each component $282.49
MK-PANOPA Primary Amino Nitrogen Assay Kit (PANOPA) Kit 100 assays (manual) / 1000 assays (microplate) $206.31
MK-SULPH Total and Free Sulphite Assay Kit Kit 40 assays (manual) / 400 assays (microplate) $223.60
MK-ETSULPH Total Sulfite Assay Kit (Enzymatic) Kit 50 assays (manual) / 500 assays (microplate) $286.00
MK-TSULPH Total Sulphite Assay Kit Kit 80 assays (manual) / 800 assays (microplate) $223.60
MK-URAMR Urea/Ammonia (Rapid) Assay Kit Kit 100 assays (50 of each) per kit $268.71