PROSPEC Products

ProSpec provides proteins, services and technology license to a broad range of customers around the globe from academic and government research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as hospitals and reference laboratories.

ProSpec's goal is to supply proteins which are crucial to the research industry to meet and exceed quality, consistency and requirements by our customers world wide. The company welcomes partnerships with pharmaceutical and industrial companies for development of future proteins.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
PKA-270 ATF3 5μg $70.46
PKA-006 ATF4 2μg $70.46
PRO-1234 ATG10 5μg $70.46
PRO-1048 ATG4B 5μg $70.46
PRO-454 ATG5 2μg $70.46
PRO-1073 ATOH1 5μg $70.46
HOR-239 Atosiban 10mg $70.46
PRO-754 ATOX1 5μg $70.46
ENZ-353 ATP sulfurylase Yeast 10IU $84.50
PRO-1665 ATP1B1 5μg $70.46
PRO-1647 ATP1B2 5μg $70.46
PRO-1494 ATP5C1 5μg $70.46
ENZ-143 ATP5D 1μg $70.46
PRO-1631 ATP5H 2μg $70.46
ENZ-043 ATP5O 5μg $70.46
PRO-1599 ATP6AP2 2μg $70.46
PRO-1154 ATPIF1 5μg $70.46
PRO-708 ATXN3 2μg $70.46
ENZ-046 AUH 5μg $70.46
PKA-350 AURKA 2μg $70.46
PKA-355 AURKB 2μg $70.46
ANT-017 AURKB 5μg $70.46
PRO-500 Avidin 5mg $70.46
PRO-446 Avidin-Biotin 2mg $70.46
ANT-021 AXIN1 5μg $70.46
CYT-579 b NGF 5μg $42.25
CYT-246 b NGF CHO 5μg $70.46
CYT-079 b NGF HEK 5μg $70.46
ANT-139 B220 0.5mg $218.27
PRO-337 B2M 10μg $70.46
PRO-553 B2M 200μg $70.46
PRO-859 B2M His 1μg $70.46
ENZ-711 B3GAT3 5μg $70.46
PRO-758 BAALC 2μg $70.46
PRO-458 BAD 2μg $246.48
CYT-307 BAFF 5μg $70.46
ANT-367 BAFF 5μg $70.46
CYT-545 BAFF His 5μg $70.46
CYT-054 BAFF Plant 1ug $70.46
CYT-429 BAFF R 10μg $70.46
CYT-613 baFGF 1μg $70.46
PRO-817 BAG1 5μg $70.46
PRO-168 BAG2 5μg $70.46
PRO-760 BAG3 2μg $70.46
PRO-1022 BAIAP2 5μg $70.46
ANT-015 BAK1 5μg $70.46
ENZ-322 bAlkaline Phosphatase 1mg $70.46
PRO-511 bApo Transferrin 500mg $422.50
PRO-1504 bAPOH 10μg $70.46
PRO-285 bAprotinin 100mg $190.19