PROSPEC Products

ProSpec provides proteins, services and technology license to a broad range of customers around the globe from academic and government research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as hospitals and reference laboratories.

ProSpec's goal is to supply proteins which are crucial to the research industry to meet and exceed quality, consistency and requirements by our customers world wide. The company welcomes partnerships with pharmaceutical and industrial companies for development of future proteins.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
PRO-790 APTX 2μg $70.46
PRO-1403 ARC 1μg $70.46
CYT-041 AREG 10μg $70.46
PRO-867 ARF1 5μg $70.46
ANT-058 ARF1 5μg $70.46
PRO-933 ARF3 5μg $70.46
PRO-066 ARF4 5μg $70.46
PRO-245 ARF5 5μg $70.46
PRO-032 ARF6 5μg $70.46
PRO-1201 ARFIP2 5μg $70.46
ENZ-517 ARG1 5μg $70.46
ENZ-526 ARG2 2μg $70.46
PRO-002 ARHGDIA 5μg $70.46
PRO-1067 ARHGDIB 1μg $70.46
PRO-508 ARL1 5μg $70.46
PRO-884 ARL11 5μg $70.46
PRO-936 ARL14 5μg $70.46
PRO-956 ARL15 5μg $70.46
PRO-074 ARL2 5μg $70.46
PRO-274 ARL2BP 5μg $70.46
PRO-939 ARL3 5μg $70.46
PRO-895 ARL4A 2μg $70.46
PRO-953 ARL4D 5μg $70.46
PRO-040 ARL5A 2μg $70.46
PRO-897 ARL5B 5μg $70.46
PRO-232 ARL6 2μg $70.46
PRO-1009 ARL9 2μg $70.46
PRO-1453 ARMC10 2μg $70.46
PRO-1418 ARPC2 2μg $70.46
PRO-1413 ARPC3 5μg $70.46
PRO-145 ARPC5 5μg $70.46
PRO-1785 ARPP19 5μg $70.46
ENZ-706 ARSA 5μg $70.46
ENZ-677 ARSG 5μg $70.46
CYT-306 Artemin 5μg $70.46
ENZ-615 AS3MT 5μg $70.46
PRO-1709 ASB8 2μg $70.46
PRO-1682 ASCC1 2μg $70.46
PRO-682 ASF1A 5μg $70.46
PRO-1163 ASF1B 5μg $70.46
PRO-1261 ASGR2 5μg $70.46
ENZ-185 ASL 5μg $70.46
ENZ-664 ASMT 5μg $70.46
PRO-1247 ASNA1 5μg $70.46
ENZ-572 ASPA 5μg $70.46
ENZ-488 ASPH 5μg $70.46
ENZ-659 ASPRV1 5μg $70.46
PRO-1519 ASPSCR1 2μg $70.46
ENZ-548 ASS1 2μg $70.46
PKA-019 ATF1 2μg $70.46