PROSPEC Products

ProSpec provides proteins, services and technology license to a broad range of customers around the globe from academic and government research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as hospitals and reference laboratories.

ProSpec's goal is to supply proteins which are crucial to the research industry to meet and exceed quality, consistency and requirements by our customers world wide. The company welcomes partnerships with pharmaceutical and industrial companies for development of future proteins.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
PRO-1480 ANKRD54 2μg $70.46
PRO-252 ANP32A 2μg $70.46
ENZ-119 ANSA 5μg $70.46
ANT-181 AnthraxLF 200μl $830.96
ANT-182 AnthraxPA 200μl $830.96
HOR-242 Antide 1mg $70.46
PRO-679 ANXA1 2μg $239.46
PRO-1045 ANXA10 5μg $70.46
PRO-278 ANXA11 5μg $70.46
PRO-197 ANXA13 5μg $70.46
PRO-777 ANXA2 5μg $70.46
PRO-1573 ANXA2 1μg $70.46
PRO-765 ANXA3 5μg $70.46
PRO-766 ANXA4 2μg $70.46
PRO-732 ANXA5 5μg $70.46
PRO-137 ANXA5 Sf9 2μg $70.46
PRO-767 ANXA6 2μg $70.46
PRO-449 ANXA7 5μg $70.46
PRO-548 ANXA8 5μg $70.46
PRO-1138 ANXA8L2 1μg $70.46
PRO-450 ANXA9 2μg $70.46
PRO-1696 AP1AR 2μg $70.46
PRO-234 AP1S2 2μg $70.46
PRO-451 AP2M1 2μg $70.46
PRO-1280 AP3S1 5μg $70.46
PRO-452 AP3S2 2μg $70.46
PRO-453 APCS 2μg $70.46
ENZ-059 APEX1 2μg $70.46
PRO-1186 APIP 5μg $70.46
PRO-325 Apo Transferrin 500mg $352.04
CYT-750 APOA1 20μg $70.46
CYT-037 APOA1 20μg $70.46
ANT-065 APOA1 5μg $70.46
CYT-661 APOA1, His 20μg $70.46
CYT-038 APOA2 20μg $70.46
CYT-767 APOA5 2μg $70.46
CYT-025 APOA5 HEK 2μg $70.46
PRO-1787 APOBEC4 5μg $70.46
CYT-547 APOD 2μg $70.46
CYT-652 APOD GST 2μg $246.48
CYT-768 APOD, HEK 2μg $70.46
CYT-189 APOH 2μg $70.46
PRO-552 APOH 100μg $183.04
PRO-388 APOH sf9 5μg $70.46
CYT-785 APOL4 2μg $70.46
CYT-715 APOM 2μg $70.46
CYT-026 APOM HEK 2μg $70.46
PRO-1080 APP 5μg $70.46
ANT-421 APP 5μg $70.46
ENZ-487 APRT 5μg $70.46