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Agarose Clarifier Additive

Improving Agarose Gel Perform ance - Stronger, Clearer Gels ! Evertime ! Improved Strength - Gels made with Synergel are stronger and resist tearing. Superior Sieving Ability – Better sieving than agarose alone, 1 gram SynerGel = 2 gram agarose. (1% Synergel is the functional equivalent of 2% agarose and 2% Synergel is the equivalent of 4% agarose.) High Resolution – Gels made with Synergel and agarose exhibit improved spatial separation and tighter banding, particularly for DNA fragments of 50-2000bp. Clearer Gels with no background fluorescence – The superior optical clarity of Synergel permits high quality photo-documentation. Increased load capacity – Synergel can accommodate greater quantities of DNA, thereby reducing band tailing and smearing. Easy to Use – Mix the Synergel powder with agarose, boil and pour. Gels set more rapidly than those made with agarose alone.

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