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Long Pedestal

Consists of a threaded cylindrical plastic pedestal molded around a piece of stainless steel tubing that extends below the pedestal. The pedestal is secured with cranioplastic cement and mounting screws.
Must be ordered when the MH-325 Mounting Holder is used for injecting while implanting.

A polyester mesh option is also available if needed as an attachment to the guide pedestal.

Tubing ID: 0.39 mm (.0155"). Tubing OD: 0.71 mm (.0280").
Pedestal Diameter: 3.5mm (.138")

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
L0188 Long Pedestal Guide 1 21 13.0 (.5118) call for price

L0189 Long Pedestal Guide 2 22 14.0 (.5500) call for price

L0190 Long Pedestal Guide 3 22 20.0 (.7874) call for price