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Glacier Brand Ice Buckets

Excellent Insulation – Made of the same triple density expanded
polystyrene as our popular Ice Pans.  Preserve ice 30% longer!
Won't Sweat – Thick insulating walls prevent messy sweating
Easy Grip– Robust handles make buckets easy to carry
Includes Lid – Use the supplied lid to maximize cooling
Heavy-Duty– Solidly constructed to be unbreakable under normal
 laboratory conditions
Chemically Resistant – Resistant to mild chemicals as well as
 ice-alcohol slurry, dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
DB-IBUC-1000 2.5LGlacier Brand Ice Bucket EA $60.71
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DB-IBUC-2000 5L Glacier Brand Ice Bucket Each 5 Liter 10.625" x 6.250" (26.9cm x 15.8cm) $78.00
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