200µl Equl offers Enzyme Assay Kits, Reagent Mixtures, Enzymes, Glycobiology, Amylase Test, Carbohydrase Tablet Tests, Protease Tablet Tests, Cofactors and Stains, Soluble Chromogenic Substrates, Insoluble Chromogenic Substrates, etc 


Developed with the most advanced technology available, this tip sets a new standard of excellence in the industry. It features our Precise Pointe design and ultra-thin wall. Our ergonomic design makes this tip perfect for your every day pipetting needs. Reference Lines: 20µl, 100µl

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
340-2000 200ul, BULK 1000 Tips/Bag $20.28
340-4000 200ul, RACKED 96 Tips/Tray, 10 Racks $54.47
340-4050 200ul, RACKED, PRE-STERILIZED 96 Tips/Tray, 10 Racks $64.22
340-3000 200ul, RELOAD 96 Tips/Tray, 5 Trays/Stack, 2 Stacks/Pack $47.19