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Power Supplies

Our complete line of power supplies include mini-power supplies to high current power supplies.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)+QTY
PSA-3809 Permanent adapter set for deep socket power supplies 4 pairs EA $31.46
EQUL-BPS Basic Power Supply EA $411.71
EPS-300 X MINI POWER SUPPLY with timer, CV or CC, 10-300V, current range: 4-500mA 90 Watts Max. Input 96-24 EA $525.46
EPS-200-X High Current Power Supply EA $1,126.71
EPS-300-II Dual Cool Mini-Vertical and Blotting System with EPS-300-II Power Supply EA $1,205.75
EPS-3000P-II High Voltage EA $4,062.50