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Drummond Gel Sequencing Pipet

The first variable volume Microdispenser designed for DNA sequencing operations
Two tapered polycarbonate tips available (.34 mm O.D. and .19 mm O.D.) to provide precise nanoliter sample delivery into narrow (.35 mm and 0.2 mm) gel slots
Noncontact plunger and replaceable autoclavable tips
Volume range: .25 µL to 3 µL
The Drummond Gel Sequencing Pipet is engineered to overcome sample delivery problems typical of DNA sequencing operations.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)+QTY
D3-000-002-K752 O RING KIT FOR CAPTROL III KT $7.80
D3-000-000-210-X PLUNGER 10 UL POINTED # 510X EA $12.87
D3-000-000-203 WIRE PLUNGER # 203 SEQ.PIPET EA $12.87
D3-000-000-203X WIRE PLUNGER FOR # 203-X, XV & 204 EA $12.87
D3-000-002-K10 O RING KIT MODEL 510-X KT $15.21
D3-000-002-K3 O RING KIT FOR 203 SEQUENCER ONLY KT $17.68
D3-000-005-K REPLACEMENT PARTS KIT (105) EA $37.96
D3-000-050-K REPLACEMENT PARTS KIT 250/550 EA $37.96
D3-000-010-K REPLACEMENT PARTS KIT(210/510) EA $37.96
D3-000-025-K REPLACEMENT PARTS KIT(225/525) EA $37.96
D3-000-075-K REPLACEMENT PARTS KIT(275/575) EA $37.96