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Multi-Pulse Vortexer

The cartridge design of Glas-Col' s Multi-Pulse Vortexer allows the user to switch the size of tubes to be mixed simply by changing the cartridge size, thus eliminating the need for extra racks. Cartridges are available for test tubes and centrifuge tubes and can be used with capped or uncapped tubes. Each cartridge is constructed of chemical resistant foam and ABS plastic. The unit easily adjusts for different height tubes. The contents of the tubes remain visible during mixing, and sample can be added to uncapped tubes without stopping the action. Other features include:

  • Variable speed.
  • Pulsing feature interrupts vortexing to join upper and lower strata for more thorough mixing.
  • DC motor with filtered control for smoother operation and longer motor life.
  • Interchangeable cartridge system allows units to be adapted to different vessels easily
  • Variety of sizes to fit most applications
  • U.S. patent No. 4202634
  • Electrical Rating: 170 VA 50/60Hz
  • Size: 18 1/4"w x 7"d x 13 1/2"h
  • Load Weight Capacity: Maximum 4 pounds

Easily customized for special applications. Each Multi-Pulse Vortexer comes with two cartridges, one for 12-13 mm diameter tubes and one for 15-16 mm diameter tubes.

Also available CE marked.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)+QTY
G099A VB4 Multi-Pulse Vortexer base, with cartridges for 12-13mm and 15-16mm tubes. 100 - 2000rpm, 120V EA $3,233.10
G099A VB424 Multi-Pulse Vortexer base EA $3,287.70
G099A VB424CE Multi-Pulse Vortexer base, with cartridges for 12-13mm and 15-16mm tubes. 100 - 2000rpm, 240V, CE EA $3,783.00