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Microscope Baseplates

The Microscope Baseplate acts as a docking station for your miniature microscope. Designed for chronic imaging studies, the microscope can be easily attached, detached, and re-attached to the magnetic  baseplate, enabling you to image the same cells over multiple sessions.  When returning the animal to its cage, simply attach a Microscope Baseplate Cover to the baseplate to protect the optical implant from dust or debris.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
BPL-1 Microscope Baseplate (V1) EA $54.21
BPL-2 Microscope Baseplate (V2) EA $65.00
BPC-1 Microscope Baseplate Cover (V1) EA $70.46
BPC-2 Microscope Baseplate Cover (V2) EA $75.79