J-KEM精密度温控仪-MODEL 250

英文名:Precision Controllers-MODEL 250

货号:MODEL 250

品牌: J-KEM


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MODEL 250 · with both heating and cooling outlets      
250-J · Model 250 · Type J · 0 to 800°C      
250-K · Model 250 · Type K · -50 to 1200°C     
250-T · Model 250 · Type T · -200 to 250°C       
250-J-S · Model 250 · Type J · Complete System      
250-K-S · Model 250 · Type K · Complete System      
250-T-S · Model 250 · Type T · Complete System      

型号 250 带有加热和冷却功能的温控器
型号 250的加热和冷却功能能使功能利用最大化。两个加热通道可提供1800W电力,可供大型设备使用,加热套可达到22L。第三个通道(1800W)一般用于冷却。
J-KEM 200系列温控器的核心控制器是一个全新的高速微型处理器并具备3个功能

·0.1 o C监管和显示
·新!- USB端口
规格:3.5” x 7.75” x9.25”(H x W x D)

MODEL 250 · with both heating and cooling outlets

The Model 250 has both heating and cooling outlets for maximum versatility. Two heating outlets supply 1800 watts of power for large equipment and heating mantles up to 22 L. The third outlet (1800 watts), normally used for cooling, is programmable to supply power below, above, or at the setpoint.

Contains J-KEM’s patented power control computer which provides 0.1o C regulation of anything.

Complete system includes: one controller, one Teflon thermocouple (12" long, 1/8" diameter), one connecting cord, and one 14/20 joint adapter.

Product Description

At the heart of J-KEM’s 200-Series controllers is a new, high speed microprocessor that performs 3 functions:

1. Power Regulation
J-KEM’s original power control computer is replaced by a next generation microprocessor. The power control computer is J-KEM’s patented technology that adjusts power to the heater 2048 times per second resulting in 0.1o C regulation.

2. USB Communications
PC communications and free KEM-Net software enables remote PC control, GLP/GMP compliant data collection, and multi-temperature ramps built in an Excel-like table.

3. Upgradable Programming
Software modules can be uploaded to the processor, at no charge, adding new capabilities to the controller. For example, automatic detection of exothermic reactions.

Additional Information

  • · 0.1o C Regulation & Display
  • · 1800 watts of power for large equipment and heating mantles up to 22 L.
  • · Programmable third outlet (1800 watts) to supply power below, above, or at the setpoint.
  • · NIST traceable
  • · Advanced PID algorithm
  • · 2 Year Warranty
  • · NEW! - USB port
  • · NEW! - Free KEM-Net data logging & control software
Specifications120vac, 15 amps, 1800 watts.
Dimensions 3.5” x 7.75” x9.25” (H x W x D)